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History The Alliance Francaise a story, a network (since 1883)


Creation of the Alliance Française de Paris.


Creation of the Alliance Française de Nice.


Opening of Alliances in Alexandria, Constantinople, London, Mexico, Mauritius, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai… The Alliance Française is considered a recognized public-interest organization.


Participating in the Universal Exhibition


Setting up headquarters in Paris, boulevard Raspail.


Closing down of the Alliance Française de Paris by the nazis


For the 60th anniversary, the General De Gaulle, its Honorary President, gives his famous speech in Alger.


There are 150 Alliances françaises in Argentina, 60 in Brazil, and 30 in Mexico.


Creation of a General Delegation in the United States.


Revival of Alliances françaises in China and Russia


The Alliance Française is awarded the Prix Prince des Asturies de la Communication et des Humanités [the Prince of Asturia Award for Communication and Humanities]


1071 Alliances françaises can be found in 133 countries, on all five continents, and provide teaching to more than 450.000 students.


Creation of the Alliance Française Foundation

Foundation Alliance Francaise 1883. Alliance Francaise France
On Saturday, July 21st 1883, an Organization Committee of the Alliance Française meets in Paris, in the Cercle Saint-Simon premises.

The Founding Fathers of Alliance Française

Paul CAMBON Ambassadeur à Constantinople et à Londres. Alliance Française initiateur Af
The originator
Paul CAMBON (1843-1924)
Ambassador in Constantinople and in London.
Label fle 3 étoiles. Alliance Française de Nice apprendre le français a Nice, cours de français a Nice. Af Nice cours de français en France, apprendre le français en France - fle 3 étoiles
Pierre FONCIN fonde l’Alliance Française. Alliance Française fondateur Af
The founder
Pierre FONCIN (1841-1916)
General Inspector of Public Education, Attaché to the development of the French language in the world, he creates the Alliance Française, provides general secretarial services, and then becomes the President until 1914.
Marc BLANCPAIN Secrétaire général de l’Alliance Française. Président de l'Alliance Française bâtisseur Af
the Builder
Marc BLANCPAIN (1909-1916)
Writer, journalist and teacher.
General Secretary of the Alliance Française from 1944 to 1978. President from 1978 to 1993.
Ernest RENAN, Alliance Française écrivain, philosophe
Ernest RENAN
Writer, Philosopher
de LESSEPS, Alliance Française membre de l’Académie des sciences
Diplomat, member of the Academy of Science
Jules VERNE, Alliance Française Écrivain
Gaston MASPERO, Alliance Française Égyptologue
Louis PASTEUR, Alliance Française scientifique, chercheur
Scientist, Researcher
Jules FERRY, Alliance Française Politicien

Current Executive Team of Alliance Française

Jérome CLÉMENT - Président Alliance Française. Af Nice France
Jérome CLÉMENT - Président
Mr Jérôme CLEMENT is a man of culture and a leading media figure, who created the cultural and European TV channel ARTE, which he directed from the start in 1989, to 2011. Jérôme CLEMENT has successively been Advisor to the Prime Minister, Pierre MAUROY, General Director of the National Center of Cinematography, Cultural and Scientific Advisor at the French Embassy in Egypt.
Bertrand COMMELIN - Secrétaire général Alliance Française. Af Nice France
Bertrand COMMELIN - Secrétaire général
Bertrand COMMELIN, who graduated from the Institut d’études politiques of Paris (1981) and from the High Education Teaching program in Social Science (1986), joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988. At the end of 2013, he became General Director of the COMUE, the Sorbonne Community of Universities and Entities, before being nominated in September 2014 as Deputy Director of the CIEP, the International Center of Pedagogical Studies.

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