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Who we are

When our school was founded in 1884, Nice was already an international Tourism hub. Our Alliance integrated in this setting which was, and still is famous for its Promenade des Anglais, its Mediterranean climate, its villas and hotels built by and for foreign visitors, and its Carnival. The high level of French teaching currently provided by our Alliance is compliant with the CEFRL, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, combining both tradition and modernity;

As a higher education entity and a renowned training organization, the AFN is above all else a non-profit association (French law of 1901), a member of the first cultural network in the world (all languages included), based on the Alliance Française Foundation (recognized as promoting the public interest). It has built its operations and reputation on the quality of its teaching and its courses. Each year, over 1700 students from 90 different nationalities come to learn French in a multicultural environment, emphasizing exchange, respect and friendliness.

The AFN offers General French courses, French for Specific Purpose courses (business, trading, legal, tourism, arts), In-Company Training courses, Literacy courses and Personalized programs for all levels, all year long.

Courses at the AFN help students prepare for the TCF (a language placement test for non-native French speakers), for the French as a foreign language diplomas such as DILF, DELF and DALF but also for Professional French diplomas issued by the CCIP, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.

The AFN is a certified official examination center for the TCF, TCF ANF, DFP, TCF Québec. 70% of AFN teachers are certified to evaluate these tests.

Alliance Francaise de Nice French course in Nice. Alliance Francaise de Nice learn French in Nice

façade extérieure (2 rue de Paris)

Alliance Francaise de Nice French course in France. Alliance Francaise de Nice learn French in France


With the AF de Nice, you are joining the wordl's first and largest cultural NGO.

The AF de Nice is a non-profit higher education school. Teaching is our sense of purpose.

New facilities, equipped with air-conditioning and interactive projectors; 10 minutes away from the train station or the famous Promenade des Anglais.

Label FLE 3 étoiles Alliance Française de Nice. Etablissement d'enseignement supérieur Af Nice apprendre le français en France, apprendre le français a Nice. Af Nice cours de français en France, cours de français a Nice label fle 3 étoiles

The AF de Nice is one of the few establishments in France to have the Label Qualité FLE 3 étoiles [3 star Quality Label for French as a foreign language teaching facility] in every category (with the highest rating possible). This label is awarded by the French government.

The AF de Nice is proud of the high level of qualification of its teaching team. Here are a few figures about our teachers:

  • +90% of teachers have at least one master degree
  • +80% are entirely bilingual
  • +75% are certified to grade the TCF/DELF/DALF exams.
  • +90% have more than 5 year teaching experience
  • 100% have taught abroad

The AF de Nice is right at the center of culture and teaching in Nice. It works closely together with prestigious partners such as the Mediterranean University Center and the University of Nice.

This strong institutional relationship is supported by the City of Nice, whose Mayor is our Honorary President.

The Alliance Française network

The Alliance Française de Nice, just as the other 813 organizations carrying the name across the world, does not only focus on French language teaching. It is part of an international network created in 1883 in Paris by an “organization of free men” working to serve our worldwide renowned language and culture. Thanks to the impetus given by its ambassador Paul Cambon and a geographer, Pierre Foncin, supported by prestigious sponsors such as Louis Pasteur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne, Jules Ferry and Victor Duruy, the Alliances françaises have managed to spread a network around the world based on a humanist ideal and three inviolable principles:

  • The influence of French language and culture.
  • The exchange and sharing with every country in the world and all cultures.
  • The complete absence of political commitment and the respect of secularism.

With schools in 136 countries on all five continents, the Alliance Française receives 530.000 students of all age groups and from all cultural backgrounds, while six million passionate people are participating in its cultural events. The foreign network of the Alliance Française benefits from the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Alliance Française Foundation has been coordinating and feeding the network from its Paris headquarters since 2008. It defines directions and guarantees moral responsibilities. The Alliance Française Foundation has been presided over by Jérôme CLEMENT since 2014, who is a cultural icon and the former Vice President and Founder of the French-German TV channel ARTE. The Foundation’s General Secretary is Mr. Bertrand COMMELIN.

Foundation Alliance Française. Louis Pasteur - Jules Verne - Ernest Renan. Af Nice, France, learn French in France, learn French in Nice, Nice Af. French courses in France, French course in Nice Alliance Francaise
L. Pasteur, E. Renan, J. Vernes, membres fondateur de l’Alliance Française (1883)
Partenaire officiel du Ministère des Affaires étrangères
Alliance Française de Nice, France Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Af Nice French courses in France, French course in Nice. French Alliance learn French in Nice learn French in France. Label fle 3 stars Nice France

What is an Alliance Française?

Being an independent entity, each Alliance Française operates individually as a local law association or a non-profit association based on the French law of 1901. Under the authority of a Board of Directors, an executive management and teaching team provides French language courses in France and all around the world for all adults, and introduces current Francophone culture through all kinds of activities such as exhibitions, shows, conferences, movies. It welcomes and highlights all international cultures.

Afn monde

French courses in France, Af Nice schools holders Label FLE 3 stars.
Learn French in Nice

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