Taking a French course in France within the Alliance Française network

The Alliance Françaises schools have been providing French language courses abroad and in France for over 130 years. Students can learn from scratch or perfect their French in Paris as well as Rouen, Saint-Malo, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Vichy, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier, Aix-Marseille and Nice. 

Taking a French course in France within the Alliance Française network means having access to top quality teaching, as the teachers are all qualified and specialised in teaching French as a foreign language.

Taking a French course at the Alliance Française de Nice

The Alliance Française de Nice provides general French as well as business French courses, specialised workshops and tailor made programmes at all levels, all year round.

French courses in France follow the European Framework Agreement for Languages enabling students who study French in France to achieve an internationally recognised level in French. 

Standard or intensive French courses as well as evening classes are available. All students sit a test and are then directed to a class according to their level.

Students who have opted for a French course at the Alliance Française de Nice can start on any Monday throughout the year, apart from complete beginners who start a specific programme the first Monday of the month.

French courses in France: a faster way to learn French through immersion

Students who are learning French in France are able to put into practice what they have learnt in class straight away. They use French both at the Alliance Française school and in their daily life. Students can also choose to stay with a host family – they will then experience full immersion and have more opportunities to use their French, to learn about French cooking and the French way of life. 

The Alliance Française also organises various activities where students are able to practice their French – guided tours of Nice and the surrounding towns, guided boat tours, wine tastings, Film club, etc. In the media center, a wide range of books and films is available for those who want to study further and learn about French culture. All these activities bring a little extra to their French course in France.

An unforgettable experience

Taking a French course in France is an unforgettable experience for students. They meet people from France and from all around the world and learn about cultural differences. The personal connections people make during a stay overseas are often strong and one in France will then be memorable. Many students come back to the Alliance Française de Nice year after year to study French in France, enticed by this rewarding combination of factors.   

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