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Location: Alliance Française, 2 rue de Paris.

Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm ▶︎▶︎ 8:00pm (4 hours and a half/week) from September to June

Beginning of the class: Every Tuesday (student can join the course any time of the year).

Duration of the course: two weeks minimum.

Registration fees: 50 Euros / year

Capacity: 14 students maximum per class

Age: starting from 18 years old (or 16 years old with parental consent)

Proficiency level: From B1

Goals: General French evening classes aim at studying every skill of language learning: comprehension, reading, speaking and writing.

Materials: Business media, financial and political magazines…

Organization: All AF de Nice classes are based on the CECRL, (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) enabling students to acquire a proficiency level recognized all over the world.

Assessment: You will be assessed all along the learning process. If you choose, you may validate your acquired knowledge with a national certification (the TCF). Moreover, the AFN can provide you with a proficiency assessment certificate at the end of your course.

When registering to a course, you will gain free access to the Resource Center of the AF de Nice and you will be able to attend personalized tutoring sessions free of charge, if you encounter any difficulties during your learning process.​

Rates: 55 Eur/week. Enjoy 10% OFF from the 13th week on.

40 weeks package available for 1 120 Eur (7 €/hour)

All classes last 60 minutes.
(language centers usually offer 45 min classes)

An official certificate can be issued.
This document will assess the nature,
proficiency and duration of your course.

Alliance Française est une école superbe. Les professeurs sont compétents, engagés et motivés. Les employés sont très professionnels et ils aident toujours les étudiants qu'importe le problème. L'école a une bibliothèque bien équipé qui donne l'opportunité pour progresser et comprendre la culture française. Je suis très contante avec mon séjour à Alliance Française et j'espère d'y retourner !

Understanding the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR)