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The preparatory course in Management Science of the AF de Nice enables students meeting the course requirements to receive a conditional acceptance letter for a graduate or bachelor degree before coming to France. Indeed, we have set up several partnerships with prestigious universities and schools allowing our students to directly access many university degrees.

If you have a B1 proficiency in French and if you have graduated from high school,

If you want to go to university in France and you are not frightened by a significant study load,

… then our preparatory course is the one-stop solution for you. You will then be able to focus on your studies and the AF de Nice will handle all administrative formalities for you with your future school or university.


Location: AF de Nice, 2 rue de Paris

Timetable: Monday ▶︎▶︎ Friday,

                 9 am ▶︎▶︎ 1pm and 2:30pm>>5:30pm (30 hours/week)

Beginning of the course: the 3rd Monday of February, each year.

Duration of the course: 20 weeks (600 hours of classes)

Registration fees: 50 Euros/year

Capacity: 18 students maximum per class

Age: starting from 18 years old

Proficiency level: B1 (please provide a diploma or an official certification)

               Baccalaureate or equivalent high school diploma

               Good academic credentials (selection based on application)

Description : If you are accepted into our preparatory course in Management Science, the AF de Nice will provide you with a conditional acceptance letter to one of our partner universities or schools’ graduate programs before your arrival to France.

Then all you have to do, is to validate a B2 proficiency level in French (by taking a certified test) and to pass our exams at the end of the preparatory course, and you will be automatically accepted in the graduate degree program set by the conditional acceptance letter.

It is a demanding program that requires complying with a set of rules: after 3 unjustified absences students will be expelled, any grade below 5/20 is eliminatory, large amount of personal studying, housing with a host family is compulsory…

The preparatory course can be distinguished by the inclusion of the following classes, in addition to General French classes:

  • Introduction to Business: 40 hours
  • French and European Legal Environment: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Economics: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Marketing: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Contract Law: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Human Resources Management: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Accounting: 20 hours
  • Introduction to Political Science: 20 hours
  • Academic Methodology: 20 hours

These classes will be taught by teachers who have at least one Master degree in the class subject. They have been trained in French as a foreign language techniques and in teaching B1 students. Therefore, students can benefit from the linguistic expertise of the Af de Nice during their specific courses.

Materials: There are no textbooks suitable to specific courses for students whose French is not their native language. As such, all class materials are created by the teaching staff, meeting your specific requirements and those of our partner schools and universities.

Organization: 30 hours of classes per week. Morning classes will be devoted to language learning and specific classes will take place in the afternoon. Please note that this course will require at least 15 hours of individual work.

Assessment: Mid-term exams will be held at the end of the 10th week of the course, and then again after the 20th week. Papers are anonymous. Students must get an overall grade of 10/20 or more (excluding French language grades, French proficiency level will be assessed during each specific class. It will also be assessed through a separate exam: TCF/DELF). Any student accused of cheating will be definitively expelled from the preparatory course and from the AF de Nice. Resit exams will be organized on the first week of August.

In your country

Baccalaureate or other high school diploma
(abitur, gaokao, A-level, maturita…)

B1 Proficiency in French language

Great motivation and studying abilities.

20 weeks

At the AF de Nice

B2 Proficiency in French language
& 20 weeks with a host family

Validating the Preparatory Course exams

Less than 4 unjustified absences

3 years

In the graduate / bachelor program

Validate all 3 years’ exams
(180 ECTS)

All classes last 60 minutes.
(language centers usually offer 45 min classes)

An official certificate can be issued.
This document will assess the nature,
proficiency and duration of your course.

Available Degree Programs:

CUR (Roanne)

Bachelor Degree in Economic and Social Administration

internationnal business school

ICD (Paris, Toulouse)

Bachelor Business Development

Bachelor Event Management

Idrac business school

IDRAC (Paris, Nice, Lyon)

Bachelor in Marketing and Business Development

School ieft tourism only

IEFT (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse)

Bachelor in Tourism

Ecole entrepreneuria de demain

IFAG (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse)

Bachelor in Project Management and Business Development

Ecole relation internationnal

ILERI (Paris)

Bachelor in International Relations

Ecole d'ingénierie informatique

EPSI (Paris, Lyon, Montpellier)

Bachelor in IT

School advanced management

ESAM (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse)

Bachelor in Management and Business Development

ISCPA (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse)

Professional Bachelor in Journalism

Professional Bachelor in Communication

Professional Bachelor in Production

Students from Preparatory courses of the AF de Nice will benefit from a 5% discount on their registration fees for their first year of bachelor or graduate degree.

The Af de Nice is proud to have signed partnership agreements with a large number of prestigious higher education facilities. We provide you with an integrated training program, which will open the doors of schools and universities. Our preparatory courses are not only recognized, but they also are organized together with our partner schools.

It is a demanding program. A large amount of study will be expected from you. Students who do not meet the selective requirements will not be accepted into the bachelor program for which they apply. If you are ready to put in the necessary work, we will be there to help you achieve your goals.

However, you must be aware that in France, being accepted in a program does not necessarily mean you will successfully get your degree. Failure rates can be quite high. You must work hard at all times after being accepted into the graduate program you have chosen.

Moreover, B2 proficiency level should not be your final goal. It is important that you continue improving your French all along your studies. Do not forget that C1 proficiency is often required to get into a Master degree program.


Director of the AF de Nice

Law and Political Science Professor