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Alliance Française de Nice | Institutional partners

The AF de Nice is proud to be the official partner of the following entities and institutions.

  • Our partners: entities providing qualifications
  • Our partners:  business entities

The mission of the Alliance Française Foundation, a public interest organization, is to promote French language and Francophone cultures in France and all around the world. It is connected with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, placing its work and development as part of the linguistic and cultural political strategy defined by the French government.

There are 813 Alliance Françaises, located in 136 countries. We are the largest cultural network in the world. Among this great family, the AF de Nice has built privileged partnerships with the following entities:

The Institut Français [the French Institute] is a state-owned entity of commercial and industrial nature (EPIC in French); it is one of the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development towards France’s cultural operations overseas (it replaced the Culturesfrance association in 2011). There are 96 French Institutes in the world.

The Alliances françaises and the Instituts français are spontaneous partners and they work closely together. The AF de Nice is more particularly connected to the following IF:

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