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« Nous avions tous deux la passion que peuvent avoir des étrangers pour la langue française, quand celle-ci devient une conquête spirituelle. Pour sa possible concision chatoyante, pour sa sècheresse illuminée. » Jorge SEMPRÚN, L’Écriture ou la vie

We are proud and happy to have welcomed the following guests, especially as part of a convention signed with the City of Nice, which is generously hosting our conferences at the Mediterranean University Center:

March 14th, 2018

Louis-Jean CALVET, linguist, professor at Paris V University Paris V and at Aix-Marseille University, Louis-Jean CALVET is a specialist in sociolinguistics and in linguistics’ politics.

October 19th, 2017

Daniel RONDEAU, writer, editor, journalist and diplomat. Daniel Rondeau, has written Camus or the promises of life. He discusses the legacy of one of the most important intellectuals of the twentieth century.

September 19th, 2017

Nathalie COHEN, associate professor in Classical Studies, advocates for a dialog between the Greco-Roman civilisation, Judaism and Christianity.

June 1st, 2017

Pascal PERRINEAU, professor at Paris’ IEP. He is in charge of the section « Politics » in the newspaper Le Figaro and reviews today’s political issues.

March 22nd and 23rd, 2017

Salah STETIE, Libanese poet and thinker, he has a rich and unique bond with the French language, developed by his francophile family and nurtured by Arabo-Muslim culture.

March 4th, 2017

Tahar BEN JELLOUN, poet, writer and painter, shares his works with the assistance of the comedian Jacques Bellay.

September 6th, 2016

Jérôme CLEMENT, President of the Alliance française Foundation since June 2014, he shares his experience of a life dedicated to culture.

May 17th, 2016

Jean-Nicolas CORVISIER, professor of ancient history at the University of Artois, opens a cycle of round tables organized by the Centre Universitaire de la Méditerranée in commemoration of the Great War.

May 17th, 2016

Luc FRAISSE, professor in French literature from the 20th century at the University of Strasbourg, enriches the debate over the influence of the First World War in French literature by giving a specific commentary over its effects on the writing of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

May 17th, 2016

Romain VIGNEST, doctor at the University Paris IV-Sorbonne, illustrates the way the First World War the works of the greatest contemporary writers from Apollinaire to Aragon, from Cendrars to Céline or Raphaël Confiant.

May 4th to 23rd, 2016

Exhibition and panel discussion consecrating the painter Mario VILLANI, in association with the University Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

With Arnaud VILLANI, philosoph, Béatrice BONHOMME, poet and professorr in contemporary literature, Cédric VILLANI, renowned mathematician, Bérénice BONHOMME, cinema teacher and Stello BONHOMME, painter and philosophy teacher.

Le 10 mars 2016

C’est sur le thème « Voyages méditerranéens » qu’un débat passionnant a eu lieu dans le Centre dédié à la Méditerranée par Paul Valéry. Écrivain, journaliste, éditeur, diplomate, Daniel RONDEAU, ancien ambassadeur de France à Malte, organisateur avec la Marine nationale, en octobre 2009 du voyage Ulysse 2009, nous a transmis avec ferveur sa foi, lucide sur les problèmes, mais constante sur l’avenir de la Méditerranée.

March 10th, 2016

Pierre ASSOULINE, writer, journalist, critics and biographer, and Daniel RONDEAU (writer, editor, journalist and diplomat) debate the « Mediterranean Journeys » and the treasure that represents the Mediterranean Sea, source of our common identity and civilization.

December 2nd, 2015

François ROUDAUT, professor at the University Paul Valéry in Montpellier, specialized in the literature of the 16th century and in the History of the Book.

April 1st 2015

Frédéric VITOUX, of the French Academy, who has brilliantly and humorously noted the unexpected path the French language has taken, from the Ordinance of Villers-Cotterets to our time now, including the French Academy Foundation as a “worrisome passion”.

February 10th 2015

Pierre ASSOULINE, member of the Goncourt Academy, writer, biographer and journalist, creator of a major literary blog “La République des livres” [The Republic of books] and in charge of several literary magazines, has magnificently reviewed the status of “La langue française à l’heure d’Internet” [the French language and the Internet].

September 25th 2014, for the 130th anniversary of the Alliance Française de Nice:

Gérard-François DUMONT, professor of Geopolitics at the Sorbonne, whose research has highlighted the relationship between geopolitical phenomena and demographic evolutions, asked himself the question “La Guerre, enfant de la démographie?” [Is War rising from demography?]

September 27th 2014, for the 130th anniversary of the Alliance Française de Nice:

Chantal THOMAS, university professor and highly praised writer, more particularly of Adieux à la Reine [Farewell, my Queen] and L’Echange des Princesses [The Exchange of Princesses], Research Director at the CNRS, has worked passionately on the 18th century. She talked about the “French Art of Conversation”, a theme so popular at the age of Enlightenment and deeply rooted in the tradition of the Alliance Française overseas, with our President Geneviève WINTER.

March 19th 2014

Heinz WISMANN, philosopher, philologist, professor at the EHESS, who masters both Greek philosophy and the German school of thought, has conducted some interesting research, which he summarizes in Penser entre les langues (Albin Michel Editions), Charles Veillon 2012 Prize.

March 8th 2014

Vénus KHOURY-GATAH has expressed poetry through a woman’s voice between France and Lebanon: liberated by writing on ancient traditions weighing on women, this great figure of poetry and Mediterranean novels, writer of Où vont les arbres, [Where are the Trees Going?] Mercure de France, 2011 and Une Maison au bord des larmes, [A House at the Tearside] 2005 has been awarded many prizes including the Guillaume Apollinaire Prize and the Baie des Anges Prize.

February 19th 2014

Cédric VILLANI, mathematician, Director of the Poincaré Institute and Professor at the University Lyon II, awarded the Fields Medal in 2010, demonstrated a sample of his very own literary gifts and his guiding talent in Théorème vivant [Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure](Grasset Editions, 2013) in front of a large and passionate audience, in tribute to his father Patrice VILLANI, a brilliant literature professor deceased in 2013.

The influence of French language entirely oriented our cultural event program for 2012-2013 when, under the authority of the International Organization of la Francophonie and its President Abdou DIOUF, the 7th edition of the Francophonie Games were organized in Nice. We hosted writers who combine the practice of their own language with using and promoting ours while remaining faithful to the Founding Fathers of the Alliance Française. Thanks to the support of Christian ESTROSI, the Mayor of Nice, our guests were able to express themselves in the wonderful setting that is the Mediterranean University Center, haunted by the memory of Paul VALERY.

June 6th 2013

Bernard CERQUIGLINI, Rector of the Francophonie University Agency, took us travelling through the peculiarities of our language, with the clever erudition that charms the viewers of his International TV broadcast “Merci, professeur”.

May 16th 2013

Scholastique MUKASONGA came once more to present her first great work of fiction, Notre Dame du Nil [Our Lady of the Nil], which was awarded the Renaudot Prize in 2012.

April 10th 2013

Libar FOFANA, French and Guinean writer, for the Etrange rêve d’une femme inachevée and Eugène EBODE, French and Cameroonian writer, for the Métisse Palissade at Gallimard Editions, in the collection “Continents noirs”.

March 26th 2013

Vassilis ALEXAKIS, French and Greek writer, who expresses himself in both languages. Vassilis ALEXAKIS came to talk about the continuous dialogue between two languages that are at the root of Mediterranean culture. Awarded the French language prize, in 1993, and the Medicis Prize in 1995, for La Langue maternelle (Fayard Editions), he talked about the Enfant grec (Stock), which was awarded the Madeleine Zepter Prize in Nice.

November 28th 2012

Véronique JACOB, Publishing Director at Gallimard Editions, gathered us around the magic of French language by introducing Tu m’en diras-t-en: Le Grand Jeu de la langue française to an audience who tested the game.

November 21st 2012

Mamadou MAHMOUD N’DONGO came back to talk about his novel Remington

June 26th 2012

Henri LOPES, writer, politician and diplomat, former Prime Minister of Congo and current Ambassador of Congo in France. This heir of an ancient culture has experienced the identity crisis, which led to the “negritude” work. His work, published under the collection “Continents noirs” (Gallimard) has been awarded the Francophonie Prize in 2013. It provides the interbreeding of our current world with the music of a fictional piece magnified by the French language. This adventure was the subject of his conversation with Geneviève WINTER, the Vice-President of the Alliance Française de Nice.

November 3rd-4th 2011

On the occasion of the inauguration of the refurbished facilities of the Alliance Française de Nice, by Mr Christian ESTROSI, Deputy and Mayor of Nice, Jean-Noël SCHIFANO, Director of the Francophone Literature Collection “Continents noirs” at Gallimard was invited together with two of his authors Scholastique MUKASONGA, a French and Rwandan writer who paid tribute to her Tootsie family, victim of the genocide, and Mamadou MAHMOUD N’DONGO, a French and Senegalese writer.

April 8th 2011

Jean CUISENIER, doctor and specialist in Philosophy, professor emeritus of ethnology at the Sorbonne and at EHESS, ethnologist, hellenist and sailor at the same time, presented the results of twenty trips and two sea expeditions around the Mediterranean sea. Recounted in Le Périple d’Ulysse: l’Odyssée (Fayard Editions, 2003), his quest of the journey taken by the famous exile was interspersed by extracts of the Odyssey by the actor….

Conférence Louis-Jean Calvet
Conférence Daniel RONDEAU
Table ronde sur la Grande guerre dans le salon rouge du CUM, le 17 mai 2016
Dans le bureau de Paul VALERY, David VANDEVELDE, directeur de l'Alliance Française de Nice avec Daniel RONDEAU, Pierre ASSOULINE et Geneviève WINTER, le 10 mars 2016
Daniel Rondeau et Pierre ASSOULINE s'entretiennent sous la fresque de Jules BOUCHON dédiée à la Méditerranée, le 10 mars 2016
Geneviève WINTER, Cédric VILANNI et Christophe ROUSSEAU à l’ISEM lors des rencontres consacrées au peintre Mario VilaNNI en mai 2016
Jérôme CLÉMENT’s speech to celebrate the 130 year anniversary of the creation of the Alliance Française de Nice, 24 September 2014, Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (CUM).
The writers Scholastique MUKASONGA, Mamadou MAHMOUD N’DONGO and Jean- Noël SCHIFANO with the Mayor of Nice and MP, Christian ESTROSI, 4 November 2011, AF Nice.
Conference by Bernard CERQUIGLINI, Chancellor of the AGENCE UNIVERSITAIRE POUR LA FRANCOPHONIE, 6 June 2013.
Conference by the Dante Alighieri society, CUM, 2013.
Conference by Heinz WISMANN, philosopher and philologist, Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, 19 March 2014.
Christian ESTROSI, the Mayor of Nice and MP, and Agnès RAMPAL, Deputy Mayor, responsible for Higher Education, visit the AF Nice Media Center with our team.
The AF Nice Friends gathered at the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, 24 September 2014.
To celebrate the official opening of our newly renovated premises, the Masséna bookshop in Nice exhibits the works of the « Continents noirs » collection, published by Gallimard.
The 8th Francophonie Games hosted in Nice, September 2013.
Students of the AF Nice showcasing their work during the official French Language Week.
The Alliance Française de Nice welcomes and supports the scholarship students of the Lions Club’s Summer School.
« Tu m’en diras tant », the French Language Game (Gallimard publishing company), exhibited at the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen.
Students of the AF Nice at the Nice Town Hall.

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