Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Alliance Française Nice Côte d’Azur is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

100% renewable energies

Subscription to EDF Pro Green Energy offer.

In the classroom, in our Residence, at the Alliance Café ... 100% of the electricity used now comes from renewable energies.

Waste sorting and recycling

In partnership with the City of Nice, your Alliance organizes the sorting and recycling of its plastic and cardboard waste.

Less plastic

Biodegradable cups.

Green saving achieved : 2,000 cups / year.

Wooden markers

Green saving achieved : 500 plastic markers / year.

Biodegradable straws.

Green saving achieved : 600 plastic straws / year.

Less Paper

Your Alliance is committed to reducing its paper consumption by 25% by 2024, and by 50% by 2028.

Green saving achieved : 100,000 sheets of paper/an.

1 tree represents
12,000 sheets of paper.

Less electricity

Low-consumption LED lighting
throughout the Campus

Automatic switching on and off by
motion detector

All our digital material is classified A
(European Union energy label)

1 student registered = 1 tree planted

Over 2,000 trees planted each year. The Alliance Française Nice Côte d´Azur is committed to planting a tree for each registered student.

The Alliance Française Nice Côte d´Azur also planted 350 trees, offsetting ALL of the paper used throughout its history. (On the large estimate of 4 million leaves used since 1945 and 12,000 leaves per tree.

In Partnership with
One Tree PlantedTM