Alliance Française

Air conditioning &
double-glazed windows

Exclusive fiber
(50-200 Mbps)

video surveillance

storage area

Live on campus, classrooms &
the Café de l’Alliance are located just downstairs

Studio number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


0 D D D D
1 D B C C D E D E D D E C F D E
2 D B C C D E C E C D E C F D E
3 D B C C D E C E D E E C F D E
4 D B C C D C C E C C E C D D
5 E B E E E E A E E E E A
m2 Description
A 1 050 29

1 bedroom attic apartment (price for two people)

B 1 050 19

Double studio (price for two people)

C 883 15-17

Large studio or standard studio with balcony.

D 840 13-15

Standard studio

E 820 14-17

Studio with a mezzanine bed or attic studio

F 630 12

Small studio with a retractable bed

Monthly Rent & Discount for Long Term Rental

< 2 month 3 month 4 month 5 month 6 month 7 month
% 0 5 10 15 20 25
A 1050 998 945 893 840 788
B 1050 998 945 893 840 788
C 883 839 795 751 707 662
D 840 798 756 714 672 630
E 820 779 738 697 656 615
F 630 599 567 536 504 473

Full payment is due upon arrival, plus a 500€ deposit by taking a card imprint (i.e. the card is not debited) OR in cash (the deposit is then returned by bank transfer within 5 days after the tenant’s departure).

Long-term rental, > 2 months: A first rental payment is due upon arrival covering the remaining weeks of the current month plus the entire following month. Monthly rental payments are then requested, which are due before the 5th of each month. A deposit of 500€ is also paid. In addition to covering any damage, the deposit is also used to compensate for an early departure or a cancellation. The deposit is returned by bank transfer within 5 days of the tenant's departure.

Administration costs: 50€ (paid once)

Summer period increase - July and August: +200€ / month (or +50€ per week). The summer period increase does not apply to long-term rentals (> 2 months).

Extra bed: +240€/month (or +60€ per week).

Early departure: Early departures can be made with one month's notice. This notice is extended to two months in the case of tenants who obtained a student visa through the Alliance Française. The tenant also reimburses any savings made by committing to a period that is ultimately not respected. (For example, a tenant benefits from a reduced rent of -25% if he/she commits for a period of 7 months. In the event of termination after two months, his/her past two months and future 2 months rent will be recalculated on the basis of a reduction of only 5%).

Cleaning and cleanliness: Tenants are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their studio. Studios are inspected once a week between 9am and 1pm (Monday: ground floor and 1sy, Tuesday: 2nd, Thursday: 3rd and 4th, and Friday: 5th). If this inspection leads to unsatisfactory points for two consecutive weeks, a 60€ cleaning fee will be charged.

Lost keycard: 40€. Keycard forgotten in a studio (intervention required): 20€

Self Check-out : each tenant does their own check-out. Upon departure, you are required to send 5 photos to residence@af-nice.fr: 1) a photo of the fridge to show that it is clean and empty 2) a photo of the clean and tidy kitchen 3) a photo of the clean and tidy bathroom 4) a photo of the clean and tidy studio 4) a photo of the keycard placed on the desk.

Deposit refund: The deposit is returned by bank transfer within 5 days of the tenant’s departure. The following elements are deductible from the refund:
Self check-out photos not sent: -50 €
Card not placed on the desk: -50€
Apartment not clean: -60€
Extremely dirty apartment: -100€
Repair needed: depends on the cost of the repairs required